Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~why B.A.T.M.A.N didnt wOrk iN kL~~

1.Everybody can guess that the secret Bat-cave is somewhere near Batu Caves.

2.Damn Batmobile needs 2 parallel parking lots.

3.Competition from Keluang Man.

4.Every tried wearing that black metal suit at 2.00pm under Malaysian weather?

5.All the ladies keep mistaking you for that Darth Vader flasher pervert.

6.DBKL (City Hall) keeps sending the Bat-signal when they need to catch VCD peddlers, Vietnamese call-girls, illegal mamak stalls, Ecstacy raids, etc.

7.Robin keeps using the Bat-computer to for BitTorrent.

8.Malaysian bats are so difficult to train. Plus they like to sh!t all over the place.

9.Moronic Ah Beng racer-boys in their modded Honda Citys trying to tiong you to drag race with your Batmobile.

10.Two words Traffic Jam!!

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