Thursday, October 08, 2009

my fellas....

holla peeps..rsanya ari nih bru 10 agak byk entries utk takat nih..nak tau nape?i've done all my assignments!!hooraayyyyy!!that's why i've plenty of times to update my blog..hehe..not really hooray at all..after this i've to face the exam..when it is??hhmmm..12,17,19 nOv..errkkk..dont have enough time to playing around lol..hak3..

at 11am till 1pm i have class with mr asmadi..english class..hurrrghhh..not really like and not really hate that subject..i am in the middle of..not malcom in middle..(~.+) i have through this subject with mr asmadi for 2 years!! sem dont have english class but have to teach english during practicum..glluuppp..

okay dears..need to dress up..bye..see you again!!

nOta kHaki:not really broken english right??heeeee~~

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