Tuesday, October 13, 2009

miss my emak :(

salam my fellas..right now i am thinking of my mother..really miss my emak..uuhhh..i just only have my emak..i dont have anybody since my sisters get married..alone.. lonely..loneliness..

emak, cepatlah balik..i cant stand on this anymore..i am so jealousy with my friends.. everytimes talk about their parents..their family..but i??huhhhh..i feel like i want to see my emak now!!i dont care even though she is in riau..huaargggghhhhh..i want emak!!(apa daa merengek macam budak kecil nih)..isk..isk..isk..

nOta kHaki:emak, akak minta maaf banyak2..

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