Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome Sherley To The ND Gliders Hut!

Assalamualaikum and very good evening.

Hye my name is Sherley. Before i was named Bella by my previous owner. My new owner thought Bella does not suits with me. So she changed my name to Sherley. And guess what? I loveeeee SHERLEY even it is sounds weird for me.

Now i am living with another three sugar gliders but in a different cage. It is because Juju my new hubby cant meet or even see Ralphie! You know why because Ralphie is a handsome and cool glider. Hahaaa that is what mommy told me past few days.

I think im happy now with Juju. But Juju likes to play alone and it is make me feel quite bored. So for this beginning, i like to sleep and just stay in the pouch. 

Mommy said that im snobbish, arrogant and fierce like a lion! It is because at the first time we met, i bite mommy's fingers!  Mommy was soooo angry with me. But i think it is okay for our first icebreaking session. Hahaaa

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