Wednesday, October 21, 2009

..i am talking (nOt talking but writing) about love..

it's makes people smile,
it's makes people cry,
sometimes it can be so close to us,
and sometimes it can be so far to be reach,
love should be happiness,
but don't forget,
it can bring sadness.

love is invincible,
but the power is incredible,
love is true,
but people don't make it through.

love can travel for a miles,
bring your mind to the blue sky,
though you know it's never reply,
you still hope, you still try.

love is care,
love is share,
together it's move,
together it's flare,
don't judge it,
don't never compare,
love come in different that you never aware.

love is pure,
love is sincere,
but always remember,
thinks for the better,
because 'i love you' is not the everything for the future.

nOta kHaki: pOem nih drpd naim..ktaorg kna wat mse blaja subject ELE3101 kot..if not mistaken lah..

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