Monday, October 26, 2009

..sudah tiada mOod nih..

salam's your feeling my fellas??still in the right and good condition??i hope so..wahhhh..right now i feel very lazy..between practicum and exam, i prefer long as there is no observation from teacher or lecturer..*wakaka*..why this feeling comes around me????*syuhh....syuhh..*..please MISS LAZY..i am begging you..stay away from my life for this 3 weeks..after that 'critical week' you can joining me all the time..!!*hua..hua..hua*..

stupida noah..dont you realize exam is around the corner????yeahh..i really realize it lol..but right now i want doing something that can make me feel free from this horrible tension!!what i am gonna doing??what actually i am going want to do??hhmmm..let me think first..aahhhaaa!!i wanna do a bungee jumping!!!!perrggghhh....syiok..syiok..i wanna do that!!i wanna do thatt!!i can screaming the way that i want..and nobody can stop me..*bling..bling*..

besides, i want eat a delicious and spicy+hot foods!!yumm..yumm..also want 'cendol' from FATIN i wanna be 'nOah the fatty'?? just a may be..but after that i have to do a crash diet!!dont want it..i dont want it at will make my life suffer..i cant do this to my perfect body..aceceh..even though right now i feel that my body getting skinny and i lose my i anorexia bulimia??huuuuu..

okay..enough for that silly things..i have to focuses on my alone give me clamness..sometimes i ask question to myself..really happy when i can understand what i am doing..ALLAH gives me BARAKAH..HE always gives me strengthen and calmness to survive this unpredictable life..oh GOD..please guide me in everything i do..amin..but i need to do group make me more understand and get new information and knowledge..i am all alone..dont have group anymore.. )=

need to continue my study..just drop here to release my tension..also my pain..see you next you all my friends..


nOta kHaki:good bye blog..for only this moment time okay!! o_O

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